Welcoming 2014 with My New Website!

Hello everyone and hello 2014! 🙂

Welcome to my website! After months of working on this, I can finally show it to the world! I proudly present most of what I have worked on as a stylist and designer, through the years. You can head on to the portfolio tab and check it out!

From Tumblr as my main blogging platform before, I’ll be continuing my writing and posting here as well. But no worries, you can still visit my Tumblr (www.nasche.tumblr.com) because I’ll update it from time to time.

Feel free to browse my website and comment, if you must. Haha! Hoping to work with you guys soon!

Happy New Year again, folks!!! 🙂

Photo by Julls Culas
Photo by Julls Culas
  • Yehey! Congrats on launching your website. Your logo still looks like a “NO” :p

    • Thank you! Haha okay, noted. 😉