About Me

Sam and I on set; Photographed by Mendelson Serrano

As a little girl, I loved drawing girls in fashionable outfits (complete with accessories!) and dressed up my Barbie dolls in different looks. Looking back, I realized that those were a few of the many signs that made me want to be in the Fashion Industry.

My ultimate dream back then was to become a Fashion Designer. Although I still want to pursue it, life took a turn and here I am, working as a Stylist.
People get surprised when they learn that I did not formally study Fashion (I took up Management at the University of Asia and the Pacific). I tell them I learned from reading a lot of fashion magazines, analyzing outfits on TV and in real life, sketching, and interning for Fashion Designers, Mich Dulce and Rajo Laurel. I believe being in Fashion is my calling.

I decided to put being a full-fledged Fashion Designer on hold (but I still occasionally design when the opportunity calls for it) as I wanted to improve my skills and talent in styling. As a Stylist, I do not want to limit myself in my scope of work. I style for fashion shoots, celebrities, engagement shoots, editorials, ads, fashion shows, features, product shoots, and so on. I am also open for bookings as a personal shopper. I also write, do creative consulting, and give styling talks/seminars/workshops.

I’m no longer a little girl but I still have big dreams to fulfill. Beyond the success, I wish to be known in the industry for my talent and creativity as a Stylist.